Oil Paintings by Ginny Page
Ginny Page,
Internationally Renowned Naturalistic Painter

This website will give you insight into Ginny Page's style of painting and the opportunity to be updated on the news in connection with Ginny Page's art.
Ginny Page originates from Lincolnshire, England. She started painting with watercolours since the age of 10. Motifs from the nature around her childhood home in Lincolnshire were the first sources of inspiration.
Ginny Page studied at Lincoln College of Art and Design, and then painted and exhibited in Canada and England before she came to Denmark in 1986, were she resides today.
From the 1990s Ginny has worked solely in oil on canvas. Her style is naturalistic and elements are painted with intense observation and accuracy for the subject. The motifs are personal expressions generally illustrating beauty and fragility in combination.
Today Ginny has pronounced success with her own works and portraiture commissions both in Denmark and internationally.

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