Oil Paintings by Ginny Page
Ginny Page,
Internationally renowned realist oil painter

This website will give you insight into Ginny Page's style of painting.
Ginny Page originates from Lincolnshire, England. She started painting with water colours at the age of 10 in rural Lincolnshire were the first sources of inspiration arose.
Ginny Page studied at Lincoln College of Art and Design, and continued to paint and exhibited in Canada and England before she came to Denmark in 1986, were she resides today.
After moving to Denmark Ginny has worked solely in oil on canvas. Her style is realistic and elements are painted with intense observation and accuracy for the subject. The motifs are personal expressions generally illustrating beauty and fragility in combination.

Today Ginny has pronounced success with her own works and portraiture commissions both in Denmark and internationally.

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  • "Visit Ginny Page in her Studio. Art Video 2018"

    Enjoy this action packed Art Video produced by "Page Bros Productions" (www.pagebros.dk) and original music by "The Royal Air Force" (www.traf.uk).

  • "Portraiture"

    Please contact me if you are interested in commissioning a portrait. Personal portraits have taken on a new revival in this day and age where the modern digital social medias produce "portraits" in the form of selfies every second or minute without capturing the person within. A portrait painted with oil on canvas, demands time and during the process the interaction between the sitter and the artist will uncover layers. A personal portrait is a valuable gift which will last forever throughout generations. Please contact Ginny Page for more information.

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  • Highlights

    • ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ April 2019
      "New English Art Club’s Annual Exhibition at Mall Galleries 2019"

      The New English Art Club has accepted one of my paintings for the exhibiting in June at Mall Galleries in central London. I'm very honored to be exhibiting with the finest artists in Britain.
      See the press release below and the painting accepted.

      press release New English Art Club’s Annual Exhibition 2019 Ginny Page painting for the New English Art Club’s Annual Exhibition 2019

    • ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ April/May 2019
      "Demonstration article in the American magazine The International Artist"

      The International Artist Magazine has been so kind to ask me if I wanted to make a demonstration article. An 8 page article showing my techniques and painting process.
      See the article below.

      Article in The International Artist Magazine April/May issue 2019

    • ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ August/September 2018
      "Grand Prize Winner in the American magazine The International Artist 2018"

      My portrait titled "All We Want Is Love" was choosen as the Grand Prize winner in the category "People and Figures Challenge 2018". I am very grateful for the 2 page article in The International Artist Magazine and the 4 page article in The American Art Collector.
      I feel very honoured to be highlighted in north America in this way! See the two articles below.

      Article in The International Artist Magazine August/September issue 2018 Article in The International Artist Magazine August/September issue 2018